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Maintenance Plan

Christian Brothers Mechanical, LLC. maintenance plans consist of 15 point inspection on your residential HVAC System twice a year, one inspection in the spring to insure you are ready for the summer season, and one inspection in the fall to insure that your heating system is safe to operate and to get maximum performance out of you equipment.

Our Experience has shown that equipment that is properly maintained performs at maximum efficiency and last through the equipment useful life expectancy.

Christian Brothers Mechanical, LLC. also provide commercial maintenance plans. Please call us today to discuss your maintenance plan options.

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Spring Inspection

AC compressor being serviced outside a house, with tools and hoses connected
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Check Thermostat Operation
  • Check Motor Barrings
  • Inspect Wiring
  • Inspect Duct System for Leaks
  • Check Compressor Amperage
  • Check Refrigerant Charge
  • Clean Condenser Coil
  • Inspect Control Contactor
  • Inspect Evaporator Coil
  • Inspect Condensate Drain
  • Inspect Drain Pan
  • Check Indoor Coil Superheat
  • Check Temperature Drop Access Coil
  • Flush Main Condensate Drain

Fall Inspection

A person in blue overalls is inspecting a boiler and taking notes on a clipboard
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Check Thermostat Operation
  • Oil Motors
  • Inspect Wiring
  • Inspect Duct System for Leaks
  • Inspect and Test All Safeties
  • Inspect Burners / Electric Elements
  • Clean Burners and Heat Exchanger
  • Test Gas Pressure at Manifold
  • Inspect Flue Vent System
  • Test Limits
  • Inspect Polite Assembly
  • Electronically Test for Carbon Monoxide
  • Electronically Test for Gas Leaks
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger for Cracks

Heating & Air Conditioning

Same Day Service (Call in before 10AM)

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  • Fast prompt service. Flat-rate pricing, call for a free quote

24HR Emergency Services (Speak with live operator after hours)

  • When your heating & a/c system is not working and you need service after hours
  • Residential service charges rates $125.00 – $150.00, Holidays $200.00
  • Commercial service charges rates $175.00-$225.00 Holidays $300.00
  • Service Trucks are stock with a wide variety of parts to get system back in service in one trip in most cases.

Planned Maintenance - Service Club Member

  • Would you take a trip on some bald tires?
  • Why go into the summer season without having you’re A/C Cleaned and Tuned.
  • Why Trust that your heat will be ready to heat without having a safety inspection performed.

Filter Change Only Service

A person holding a dirty HVAC filter with “CHRISTIAN BROTHERS” van in the background
  • Fast prompt service. Flat-rate pricing, call for a free quote

Professional Duct Cleaning starting at $350.00 for one HVAC System.

  • Breath Clean Air

A/C Cage Security

  • A/C Units Security Cage
  • A/C Security Alarm System

Home & Business Energy Audits

  • Energy Audit perform on homes and businesses to see where energy is wasted
  • HVAC System, Attic insulation
  • Provide option and real solutions and cost analyzes, return on investments (ROI).

Design Build HVAC Systems (Commercial & Residential)

  • Professional Engineered Design Drawings for Permitting with all the details for construction for Commercial and Residential.
  • New Construction, Interior Build Out, Additions and Basements

Sheet Metal Duct work, Fabrications & Installation.

  •  Commercial & Residential Hard Duct work installations

HVAC Consulting & Training Maintenance Staff

  • Apartments, Condo and Office Building Service Professionals
  • Consult maintenance staff on HVAC service and installation
  • Tech Support over the phone and Field Support Training
  • Technical training groups and teams on specific service details and installations related to Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning
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Specials and

Financial Offers

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Financing Forms

  • Resident Financing (Easy Financing) with FTL Financing in Louisiana
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Birthday Club Membership

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